WIWT Meets - ASOS Amy

Sept. 22, 2011 by None in Interviews

The WIWT Interview – we take a nosy around your wardrobe. This week we've asked Amy Rycroft, Menswear Buyer for ASOS, to come and chat to us.

Name: Amy Rycroft
Location: East London
Job: Menswear Buyer for ASOS.com
Twitter: @ASOS_Amy
WIWT Profile: amyry

Describe your style…

Eclectic! I love clashing and leopard print – but you’d never find me in a crop top. At the moment I’m on a 60’s vibe but my style icons are all 90’s such as Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani.

How do you get dressed in the morning?

I like to plan the night before to save a nightmare hissy fit but sometimes things just don’t feel ‘right’. I always have an idea on what I’m going to wear but recommend keeping 3 emergency fool proof outfits on hand for those fashion fail days.

If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

My Fred Perry Amy Winehouse leather varsity jacket. I love it more than life itself!

What’s been your number fashion triumph and what would you rather forget ever happened?

Fashion triumph would be Henry Holland retweeting a photo of me wearing the AW11 House of Holland crochet dress. I think I can die happy now. There may have been a PVC lime green wedge situation around 1998 that i wish to god i could forget. Oh, and there was also that Princess Leia bun phase...

You’re the men’s accessories buyer at ASOS – can you give some dressing tips for the men on WIWT?

Yes! Everyone associates fashion with being a female concept so I’m happy to see so many dapper chaps on WIWT! The key for dressing for guys is simplicity - men’s fashion doesn’t move as fast as women’s so invest in good quality key pieces. My style tips for AW would be purchase a cagoule or bobble hat. It will totally update your wardrobe with a nod to the hiking trend.

Working at ASOS you’ve got thousands of clothes at your fingertips (yes, we’re jealous) – what are your top tips for successful shopping?

It’s hard – the choice really is endless and I sometimes feel my ASOS pay-packet goes straight back to them through my shopping! To control my wardrobe I try to operate a one in-one out policy; I sell a lot of my clothes under the staff closet on ASOS Marketplace.

We’re loving your outfits on WIWT.com – has using the site affected how you think about your daily outfits?

I love WIWT, I followed Poppy’s blog and it inspired me to tweet my outfits every day. I love having nosey at everyone else’s wardrobe on WIWT – there’s so much creativity. I’m becoming more and more inspired by what I see people wearing every day - and WIWT is great forum for this.

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