WIWT Meets: Blogger Lily Pebbles

Oct. 13, 2011 by teampaula in Interviews

The WIWT Interview – we take a nosy around your wardrobe. This week we interview fashion blogger, WIWT users and Junior Marketing Manager Lily Pebbles

Name: Lily Pebbles
Location: London
Job: Blogger & Junior Marketing Manager in Beauty
Website: www.whatihearttoday.com
Twitter: @lilypebbles

Describe your style…

I like to keep on trend, whilst always adding my own twist. Although, I would never compromise trends for what I think suits my body shape. At the moment I am loving long shirts, statement leggings and boots. I like to keep things simple and classic and using accessories to make it 'me'.

How do you get dressed in the morning?

If I have an important meeting or an event after work, I always plan the night before… but most the time I decide in the morning and end up leaving my room in a complete mess with clothes all over the floor.

If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

My new 'boyfriend' coat from Topshop, which I love! It's so effortlessly stylish and the rust colour is perfect for A/W.

What’s been your number fashion triumph and what would you rather forget ever happened?

Hmmm.. I may still be waiting for my fashion triumph, but having my blog featured on the Grazia website was very exciting for me! Something I'd rather forget would be the 'U.F.O' and 'Jungle' trousers that I was obsessed with in my early teens… oh dear.

If you could steal someone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Alexa Chung. I absolutely love her style.

You run a blog (with a very similar snappy name to ours!) What I Heart Today' – how did you get into blogging and has it changed your style?

I actually started it over a year ago at University as part of my course. I'd followed some of my favourite fashion blogs for years so was happy to get the encouragement to start my own. I quickly became obsessed with blogging and reading others. I get most my inspiration from reading blogs and I think since starting myself, I've really pinned down the styles that suit me.

As well as working as a blogger, you also work in beauty marketing - can you give any tips for people hoping to get into the industry?

I'm still at a very early stage of my career, but the best advice I can give is be pro-active. Networking is the best thing in the world and if someone sees that you are passionate, they'll want to work with you. Starting a blog is a great way to boost your confidence, learn what your true passions are and it's something you've worked hard on that you can show off to future employers.

We’re loving your outfits on WIWT.com – has using the site affected how you think about your daily outfits?

I've really enjoyed using it and being able to tweet my looks as soon as they are posted. It's been great to see people's reactions to my daily outfits!