WIWT Meets - Charlene from Strutt Blog

Sept. 29, 2011 by teampaula in Interviews

This week we asked fashion blogger and new WIWT users Charlene from Strutt blog, to come and tell us about her style (so we can steal it!).

Name: Charlene O'Rourke Location: Kent
Job: Blogger & Fashion Designer at Mutinous Daze and part time Shop Girl.
Website: www.struttlamode.blogspot.com
Twitter: @charlene_o

Describe your style…

Ever Changing

How do you get dressed in the morning?

That depends, if I have an event or night out I'll plan it the night before (or week before *cough). But most of the time I just throw something together last minute 'what, this old thing!'.

If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

My hats!!! Especially my boater hat. Mind you it is more likely to be glued to my head than in my actual wardrobe.

What’s been your number fashion triumph and what would you rather forget ever happened?

Number one fashion triumph, probably the coat I bought from River Island recently. I havent taken it off and keep getting compliments on it!! Something I want to forget ever happend; I used to dress like Ginger Spice when I was 10. Union Jack dress, platform trainers and everything. (I secretly dont want to forget it because it was cool - I just wish I had thought of it before Ginger Spice).

If you could steal someone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Chloë Sevigny.

You run one of our fave blogs – Strutt. How did you get into blogging and has it changed your style?

I spontaniously started my blog when I was bored one day. I hadnt even taken time to think about it I just did it. I wouldnt say it has changed my style at all as I have always been quite experimental and still am but following other bloggers from all over the world has helped with getting new ideas.

What do you think of WIWT.com?

I think its great to have so many people who love fashion in the same place to get inspiration from!