WIWT Meets: Jamel from Topman

Oct. 6, 2011 by teampaula in Interviews

The WIWT Interview – we take a nosy around your wardrobe. This week we have Jamel from Topman, who's outfits on WIWT have been showcasing the best of the Topman brand.

Name: Jamel Derdour

Location: TopmanHQ
Job: Social Media Co-ordinator for Topman.
Website: Topman.tumblr.com & blog.topman.com
Twitter: @TopmanUK

Describe your style…

I like to wear classic pieces with an edge which becomes more tailored when I’m out in the evening.

How do you get dressed in the morning? Do you meticulously plan your outfit the night before or run around panicking 5 minutes before your bus leaves?

Definitely in the morning unless it was something like London Fashion Week I might think about it a bit more.

If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

I don’t know really, I have some vintage pieces which I feel like would hate to lose as they are irreplaceable.

What’s been your number one fashion triumph and what would you rather forget ever happened?

I once wore a blazer without a t-shirt underneath which didn’t go down well in the office! Haven’t done that since. Fashion triumph, I get complimented for my mix of smart and casual.

If you could steal someone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

I would have to say either Lapo Elkann or Nickelson Wooster.

Working at Topman you must have a huge array of clothing at your fingertips – how do you plan your wardrobe each season?

It will be a mix of my personal style with trends from the season combined together.

What are you A/W tips for the men of WIWT?

I would say tweeds, especially collaborations such as Harris and other heritage inspired lines like our British made range. This could then be layered with warm, cosy winter knitwear and duckboots to finish it off.

You’ve completed the WIWT Challenge for the past week – how did it affect the way you think about getting dressed?

I thought slightly more about what I was wearing each day but overall I enjoyed the challenge.