WIWT Member Profiles: Juice!

Nov. 30, 2011 by teampaula in Interviews

Name: Lucy Soares-Smith
Location: Surrey/Newcastle
Job: Student
Website: www.whatjuicewore.wordpress.com
WIWT Profile: Juice

Describe your style…

I’m literally a chameleon- one day I go for a grungy All Saints look the next I wear floaty skirts from Topshop with a pretty blouse!

How do you get dressed in the morning?

I definitely try to be a forward planner- if I have to get up early in the morning (early for a student being before 10am haha) then I try and pick an outfit the night before and lay it on the end of my bed so I don’t have to reach too far out to get dressed in the morning!

If your wardrobe was on fire what would you save?

I’d save my All Saints leather jacket if my wardrobe was on fire. I don’t wear it that often but I know it’ll be a long time before I can afford to buy one again!

What’s been your number fashion triumph and what would you rather forget ever happened?

My number one fashion triumph is the sequinned dress I bought from Topshop! I never usually wear things like that but it was my 21st birthday so I thought I should rock something special for the evening! It was also my first ever WIWT outfit. Something I want to forget ever happened- when I was 13 I used to dress like a skater, I had baggy jeans, a neon pink vest, those weird striped armbands and massive skater trainers- fashion disaster! I also had an obsession with wearing green for a while, there’s a photo of me wearing green fish net tights with green converse, a denim skirt and a green hoodie- very cringe looking back on it...

What are you 'desert island' beauty essentials?

I love make up! I get so excited when I go into a MAC store and see all the different shades of eyeshadows! I also NEED hair straighteners to tame my frizzy mane!

What are you top five brands and why?

Topshop, Kurt Geiger, Urban Outfitters, Hollister and New Look. Topshop has the best catwalk-inspired looks that ‘real’ people can wear. Kurt Geiger has the most beautiful boots and shoes (if only I could afford them)! Urban Outfitters sell clothes no one else does and you can get some great vintage-looking outfits there. Hollister I love for their jeans and shorts, their super skinny jeans stay ‘super skinny’ for a few days without going baggy or creased! New Look I love because it sells similar items to other high street stores but at up to half the price!

When do you take your WIWT photos and what do you use?

I take my WIWT photos in the morning before I go into Uni and I use a Nikon camera to take the pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have a big mirror or a cool phone that takes good pictures so I have to set my camera onto a timer or get a friend to take the pic for me!

How did you discover WIWT and what do you love about the site?

My friend told me about a girl who went to the same college as us who had started her own website called What I Wore Today. That girl was Poppy! I love drawing inspiration for my own outfits from other WIWT users and admire the “if it’s not something nice, shut up and don’t say it” attitude towards commenting on other people’s outfits.

Who are you loving/following on WIWT at the moment?

I love TanyeWest because she always looks smokin’ but also I think we’ve got quite similar a similar style so I draw inspiration from her outfits all the time. Vee Vee Vogue is another WIWT-er whose style I love. I admire the way she often finds awesome clothes in Primark- wish she could teach me this skill!!