Osman AW12 at LFW

Feb. 22, 2012 by poppy in LFW

My last show on Day 4 with Vodafone VIP was Osman. Osman AW11 featured some of my fave pieces I've ever seen at LFW and there was one lady in the Osman audience wearing one of the AW11 fur jackets, it took a LOT of willpower not to wrestle her to the floor for it.

Osman's inspirations for the AW12 collection were “The autochrome plates of Albert Kahn’s collection of the Balkans”. And I have to admit that as excited as I was, I wasn't too impressed with the show. Everyone around me loved it, but I just can't get excited by brocade, I've never been able to, let alone floral brocade designs.

There was actually a lot of florals being used in AW12 collections across LFW, which is quite unusual, but I'm not a massive fan unless toughened up with leather. Speaking of leather, the leather at Osman was beautiful - as you will see in my top looks below...

Annoyingly, posting these pics and going through the show looks again, I have decided that perhaps I DO love brocade after all. I didn't like it when I was in the show, but I seem to like it in the pics? Hmmmm. I can't decide. You'll just have to watch the show yourself and make your own mind up!

Images: Catwalking.com