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CONFESSIONS OF A STYLE-CAT... Too old to be called 'Kitten', and too young to be a 'Cougar'... I love fashion. Simple as. I should'a would'a could'a but after many years of badly scribbled clothes designs at school I never did embark on a career in fashion.....sensible parents and a distracting social life compounding why I never pulled the proverbial finger out and carved a career in what I love ... (between you and me I ended up working in social housing somehow..."You'll never go wrong with a qualification in Office Technology, you can get a job in any office"....yes Mum, but does it make me happy?!) Of course fashion is not the only thing I love.....having written many a short story in my youth and developed an eye for the camera in my teens, I really should have ventured into a creative vocation. Interior design was a consideration along with fashion design and, rather curve ball, a 'horror fiction author' (hence the choice of Psychology, Human Biology and English Lit for A-levels) ...have also been told by various people I should be a TV presenter (some say kids TV presenter, to which I reply "Are you sure you really want me warping the minds of the next generation?!")...however none of these great ideas came to pass, a shame yes but that is only down to myself not knowing what I really wanted for so many years. The ambiguous 'They' say a lot of women only find their true selves in their 30's...well under 30 ladies, its true! ("Don't fear the 'thirties', they are the best years of your life" - 'Sallyism22' quote unquote) Having been regularly complimented on my personal style since I 'found my way' with clothes and accessories in my early 20's, helped along by a little gem of off the cuff advice from my oldest friend (in years of friendship not age - I wasn't aging you Jo!), I thought "lets share some of my style secrets" - because trust me if you had seen me as a gawky, somewhat chubby teen and the flip turn round you would be intrigued to know the secrets of the somewhat dramatic transformation! So, what I hope to create with Confession Of A Style-Cat is an outlet and forum for me that amalgamates the things I love, along with sharing some well kept style secrets that every kitten, cat or cougar should know. Remember ladies its not so much about what you wear, it's how you wear it ...and that goes for whatever personal style you have and look you want to achieve....

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    Wanstead, United Kingdom

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    Cheeky, Restaurant

    Wanstead, United Kingdom

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    Arse Kickingly Awesome, Work

    Wanstead, United Kingdom

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    Fierce, Work

    Wanstead, United Kingdom

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    Wanstead, United Kingdom

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  5. 05 Jaeger

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